Origo successfully created new brand, sales, and website strategies for ADVOCATE, a leading specialist for billing and reimbursement services for healthcare practices across the country.


  • To develop a successful new brand strategy, Origo coordinated working meetings and research exercises with the leadership team of ADVOCATE, including a brand audit of all existing marketing touchpoints and a review of competitors within the market.
  • Utilizing the findings from the research and consultation phase, Origo created a new brand strategy for ADVOCATE that helped develop a new logo, messaging strategy, and visual approach to their communication initiatives, helping to grow awareness for their services, success stories, and approach to customer relationships.
  • Utilizing the new brand strategy, Origo created a responsive website that acts as a powerful online selling tool that offers a more user-friendly experience through innovative features and an updated presentation of the services, success stories, and national reach of ADVOCATE. A photo library was also created to give a unique look for the new brand.


  • Upon launching the new brand and website strategy for ADVOCATE, we were able to further position their brand as a leader in healthcare billing and client support through an online strategy that better promotes the company’s high-tech services and solutions.
  • Furthermore, the new messaging and sales systems developed in the process helped to leverage the company’s thought leadership and educational tools within the B2B space, putting a spotlight on the caring and experienced professionals who work at ADVOCATE.
  • From these efforts, the new site has been generating new leads for the company, as well as new engagement from the field, helping the organization reintroduce its mission and expanded set of services.


  • Branding
  • Messaging & Copywriting
  • Web Design & Development

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