Origo Branding partnered with Battelle for Kids to create brand, video, and web strategies to launch Celebrate Teaching, an annual program that recognizes teachers who have demonstrated excellence in the classroom.


  • Origo utilized the information and strategic goals provided by the client to create a brand identity for the program Celebrate Teaching, a program from Batelle for Kids that recognizes teachers’ achievements in the classroom.
  • After testing the new brand identity for the program, Origo applied the new creative strategy to different materials to help promote the program, such as brochures, collateral materials, and other communication tools.
  • To help promote the new program, Origo designed and developed a new program website that gave insightful information on the program’s event schedule, shared inspirational stories from different school districts, and highlighted specific teachers and their achievements.
  • Origo also created a motion graphics video that explains the program’s value proposition and benefits to help build awareness among new teachers and school districts.


  • As an approach to build awareness, Origo created a social media strategy with feeds on the homepage of the site to deliver timely information to users, promoting individuals who achieve greatness within the field of education throughout the year.
  • The social media campaign also helped gain support from other stakeholders, providing different platforms to highlight their own achievements in teaching. We promoted a Twitter hashtag where users could post pictures and other examples of educators demonstrating excellence in teaching, providing an extra level of engagement from the audience by offering them a way to participate in our campaign.
  • The brand was recognized as a great success. It was received with a very positive response among 1,000 educators at the Celebrate Teaching awards ceremony, and even was recognized as the Best Website of the Year at the Creative Best Awards from the Columbus Society of Communicating Arts (CSCA).


  • Branding
  • Messaging & Storyboards
  • Motion Graphics
  • Web Strategy
  • Collateral

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