Origo helped create a new adult influencer campaign to educate parents and teachers about the rising issue of youth gambling in Ohio, as well as explain how they can advocate healthy decisions and lifestyles to the kids and teens in their lives.


  • In 2015, Ohio for Responsible Gambling partnered with Origo Branding Company to create an awareness campaign and educational website, titled “Get Set Before You Bet,” utilizing similar models in how we address addiction and other mental health behaviors. This campaign was developed to serve and be used by all Ohioans, especially the behavioral health community that includes the people making a difference every day.
  • But recent studies showed a rising prevalence of youth gambling that we have not seen before, as it has been manifesting in new formats, such as video games and mobile apps.
  • To further our mission of prevention, Origo conducted focus groups and surveys with both parents and youth, helping to test new messaging that supported the development of  a secondary campaign, titled “Change The Game Ohio,” which communicates to adults how they can play a role in lowering the risk of youth gambling in their communities.


  • To help create a hub where parents, teachers, and other adult influencers could go to get more information on this topic, a campaign website was created to feature tools and downloads for our different audiences to learn more about the issue, as well as inform themselves on how to better advocate making healthy decisions to youth in their lives.
  • We also developed an informational PSA that outlines the new problems our youth are facing, demonstrating the different forms of gambling they are experiencing, as well as what parents can do to address these negative behaviors and activities. This PSA was delivered through email campaigns, social media, and other outreach tactics in both traditional and digital channels.
  • The campaign was successfully launched amongst professional stakeholder groups at the Problem Gambling Network of Ohio’s Annual State Conference, as well as presented as an influential campaign at the CDC’s National Conference on Health Communication, Marketing, and Media in Atlanta, Georgia


  • Branding Strategy & Design
  • Messaging & Copywriting
  • Collateral Materials
  • Educational Brochures
  • Web Strategy & Development
  • Community Toolkit
  • Campaign PSAs
  • Brand Video
  • Character Design
  • Motion Graphics
  • Media Planning & Buying

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