Origo Branding helped create the brand strategy for the Columbus Metropolitan Library Capital Campaign to help raise $120 million to revamp 10 of their 21 branches within Central Ohio.


  • Origo created a branded capital campaign for the Columbus Metropolitan Library  (CML) Foundation titled Great Libraries Create, which helped to build awareness for their 2020 Vision Plan and engaged Central Ohio’s leading donors to donate major investments toward the redevelopment of 10 branches within their network. The campaign helped CML achieve their fundraising goal of $120 million to drive their vision.
  • Using the campaign brand, Origo designed and developed a conceptual look and message for a fundraising brochure, as well as other materials, that offered an educational approach to the initiative’s background, while also including inspiring messages of the impact someone can make for such a powerful cause, all leading to development and growth for the City of Columbus.


  • Origo worked with leadership to create a powerful call to action for their upcoming capital campaign that positioned the CML as a partner to the community and its donors, showing appreciation for partners and other advocates of the Columbus community.
  • Through the creation of the Great Libraries Create capital campaign, Origo was able to remind people that libraries help create stronger communities, access to technology, foundations for success, and economic opportunity.
  • Through these efforts, the Columbus Metropolitan Library Foundation achieved their campaign goal of $120 million, allowing them to rebuild or revamp 10 of their 21 branches.


  • Brand Identity
  • Messaging
  • Brand Architecture
  • Photographic Direction
  • Communication Strategy
  • Organizational Strategy

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