Origo partnered with Elmer's to develop a motion graphic video to launch a new line of glue products designed for the brand's youngest users.


  • Origo created a video for the product launch of Elmer’s Early Learners, a new line of adhesive brands designed for Elmer’s youngest users ages 3-5.
  • Utilizing animation and other graphics developed in AfterEffects, Origo developed a storyboard to introduce the innovative benefits, demonstrations, and applications of Elmer’s Early Learners to sales representatives, as well as market the product line to major retailers in B2B strategies.



  • After strategic collaboration with the marketing team, Origo created a video to help Elmer’s position the new line of Early Learners products as an innovative line of adhesive brands designed for their youngest users ages 3-5.
  • Meant to excite and inform reps about this new line of products at their national sales meeting, the video also served as a new and effective online sales tool when communicating externally to buyers searching the products on e-commerce environments.




  • Messaging & Storyboards
  • Motion Graphics
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Infographics

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