Origo Branding partnered with Abbott Nutrition to help create an interactive touchscreen program used to educate conference and trade show attendees about the benefits of Ensure® nutrition shakes.


  • With a major national conference around the corner, Abbott Nutrition asked Origo Branding Company to utilize touchscreen technology to develop an interactive program for Ensure’s convention booth.
  • Origo was able to condense information and demographic statistics to provide consumers with educated product purchasing options, as well as showcase the Ensure as an innovative, ahead-of-the-curve brand. The program also had videos that featured industry thought leaders speaking to the benefits of the products.
  • The main feature of the program was an interactive quiz featuring five simple questions about health goals, in order to recommend what Ensure product was right for each user, driving adoption for the brand. The platform also allowed users to enter their information for future promos, generating leads for the marketing team.



  • Delivered through an engaging vehicle of communication, this program provided an opportunity for attendees of PGA Tours and therapeutic nutrition trade shows to experience the Ensure brand in an interactive and innovative way. This gave users the opportunity to learn more about nutrition and make educated purchasing decisions.
  • The touchscreen proved successful at the different conferences attended by Abbott Nutrition and was able to effectively communicate and build excitement for the brand. The program is still being used today at conferences around the world and was translated into Spanish for Latin markets.


  • Digital Advertising
  • Motion Graphics
  • Interactive Touchscreen Program
  • Convention Graphics
  • Art Direction
  • Lead Generation

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