Origo created a conference video for Systems Integrated Specialists to market their new Enterprise Pricing Solution (EPS) at the National Retail Federation’s Big Show Conference, promoting its dynamic product price management features and benefits.


  • Origo completed working meetings and questionnaires with the client to identify information, resources, and messaging needed to create style frames and storyboards for the conference booth animated video loop.
  • Once the storyboard and messaging were approved by the client, Origo created animation and motion graphics to produce a compelling and engaging presentation of the benefits, features, and success stories of EPS, sharing how this new solution can help retail partners optimize their partners’ earnings per share.
  • Once the videos were approved, Origo provided all assets to SIS in MOV, MP4, and WMV formats, as these videos may also be used on the company website and with other marketing and sales initiatives.


  • Origo created an animated video loop ideal for use on conference screens that presented the features, technology, and benefits of EPS from SIS, successfully engaging conference attendees at the National Retail Federation’s Big Show Conference in Q1 of 2020—and enticing them to inquire further about EPS, which generated new leads for the sales team.
  • The video helped communicate the advantages and success stories of EPS in a creative, compelling way, inspiring greater brand connection.


  • Art Direction & Design
  • Messaging & Copywriting
  • Motion Graphics
  • Marketing Strategy

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