Origo created a case study video for Discovery Education to demonstrate how its products created impact and results—including improved performance in the classroom—for Franklin Regional School District.


  • Origo conducted working meetings with the client to outline the goals and messaging of the case study video highlighting Pennsylvania’s Franklin Regional School District, as well as the dates, location, and participants needed for production.
  • Origo collaborated with Discovery Education to outline the story structure, intended messaging, and initial sets of questions for the different roles captured within the video, including administrators, teachers, and students.
  • Once identifying the location, messaging points, interview questions, and testimonial points, Origo created one storyboard, including a preliminary structure of the story and flow of messaging, as well as any content included in the on-screen graphics.
  • After conducting working meetings with the client, Origo developed a production schedule that outlined the plan for the shoot and addressed the needs for the Discovery Education testimonial video, as well as the travel logistics for the Origo video crew.


  • Once the production schedule was finalized, Origo conducted a one-day production at different facilities in the Franklin Regional School District, capturing testimonials that covered different topics designed to show how the product has helped the district.
  • Origo created a case study video for Discovery Education’s website, as well as other marketing strategies, featuring interviews from individuals at all levels of the school district (administrators, teachers, and students) that express the benefits and value of the product within the classroom and showcase the success of educators and students.
  • The new case study video demonstrated the impact and results the products of Discovery Education created for Franklin Regional School District, including advancing the professional development of their teachers, as well as performance in the classroom.


  • Pre-Production Planning
  • Art Direction
  • Messaging & Storyboards
  • Video Production
  • Video/Multimedia
  • Video Editing

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