In recent years, Ohio has experienced a dramatic increase in gambling opportunities. Voter-approved legislation allowed casinos and new forms of gambling to enter the state. Unfortunately, these new opportunities brought with them an increase in the risks of gambling addiction. In order to address this public health issue, Ohio for Responsible Gambling partnered with Origo Branding to launch an awareness campaign that would take a positive approach to educating communities on responsible gambling practices. Get Set Before You Bet was developed to advance this mission, encouraging all Ohioans to always be responsible if they choose to gamble.

Digital Outreach Strategies

As the main campaign touchpoint, Origo designed and developed a website that engages the community and targets at-risk groups through education, responsible gambling tips, treatment resources, and online PSAs.

Online Toolkit

The website features an online toolkit, which provides templates for statewide partners to use when promoting responsible gambling messages in their communities. Resources include:

  • Billboards
  • Brochures
  • Digital Ads
  • Videos
  • Social Media Assets
  • Radio Ads
  • PSAs

Social Media Strategy

For each month of the campaign, a daily social media calendar was launched, boosting posts to drive awareness of the issue and spread information on myths, facts, tips, and warning signs of problem gambling. Our social media efforts were also shared and utilized by partnering organizations from public health and community organizations around the state, helping to create greater awareness of our messaging.


To keep the campaign creative fresh and relevant, TV PSAs were created that featured characters who represented at-risk populations identified by research. Each commercial, which walked viewers through a day in the life of the character, reinforced the importance of knowing the risks of problem gambling and engaging in responsible behaviors to experience a happier and more fulfilling life.

The Quiz

The first step toward preventing problem gambling is understanding your risks. An online assessment tool was developed, allowing individuals to answer a few simple questions and gauge their own personal risks of developing a gambling problem. The quiz would also direct users to helpful resources once assessing their risk, creating true behavior change within our state.

Interactive Module

To create an engaging way to deliver our message to younger audiences, we developed a simulation, offering users a peek into “A Day in the Life of a Responsible Gambler.” Made for mobile, tablet, and desktop devices, it allows users to navigate through various scenarios and make responsible decisions based on the character they choose.

The Results

Through our research-driven tactics, this campaign reached  groundbreaking results, generating the following metrics from October of 2015 through December of 2019:

  • 184,158,809 estimated impressions (for digital and environmental)
  • 248,551 site visits
  • 643,783 page views
  • 44,306 sessions for the online gambling assessment  (1,136 /month)
  • 6,172 visits toolkit visits (leading to 32 organizations partnering on the campaign)

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