Origo helped create a new video strategy and anniversary brochure to help position MES as a leading full-service provider of global manufacturing and supply chain management services.


  • Origo conducted research and working meetings with the leadership team, helping us create design and messaging strategies for upcoming marketing initiatives of MES.
  • We created a three-minute animated video to help MES educate prospective clients on the different manufacturing and supply chain management solutions offered by their company, specifically demonstrating the five-step process they offer to their clients on a global scale.
  • In preparation for their 10th anniversary, Origo developed an anniversary brochure that provided an overview of the company, creating confidence and trust for potential customers to connect with their team and engage in the sales process.


  • After launching the video online and through digital marketing efforts, the company found such success in this tactic, along with the brochure, that leadership implemented it into all levels of their sales strategy amongst their team of global representatives.
  • The new video strategy and anniversary brochure helped to increase visibility and awareness of the solutions MES offers clients, as well as differentiate the company from competitors, cross-promote their services, and ultimately entice prospective clients to partner with them in the future.


  • Sales Strategy
  • Messaging
  • Motion Graphics
  • Collateral

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