Origo created a new brand and sales strategy for Hikma Pharmaceutical's leading brand, Mitigare®, helping to further its position as a leader for gout flare prevention in appropriate adult patients.


  • Origo coordinated working meetings and an audit of the current brand fundamentals, previous marketing tactics, and research conducted by the Mitigare® brand team.
  • Origo also conducted phone interviews with the three outlined groups of healthcare professionals, as well as a survey amongst sales representatives of Hikma to gauge effectiveness of current messaging and claims.
  • Utilizing the findings from the research and consultation phase, Origo create a new brand and campaign strategy for Mitigare® titled Care Comes In A Capsule, which included new brand positioning, key messages, and visual approaches to upcoming communication initiatives.
  • Once the Mitigare® brand strategy was tested and approved, Origo applied the new creative approach to a new core visual aid and other marketing tactics designed to help sales representatives of Hikma generate awareness and engagement amongst healthcare professionals.


  • From our efforts, the new brand strategy of Care Comes In A Capsule was launched successfully at the National Sales Meeting of Hikma, helping to generate greater brand awareness and positioning of Mitigare®.
  • The new brand strategy for the product, which included a new approach to the main campaign messaging, visual strategy, and approach to storytelling when communicating our competitive advantages and benefits of Mitigare®, helped to further differentiate the brand within the market, as well as increase awareness and give greater confidence to health professionals when recommending Mitigare® to prevent gout flares.
  • By applying the new brand strategy to a core visual aid and other communication tactics, the company was able to reintroduce and further the position of Mitigare® as a leading affordable option for gout flare prevention in appropriate adult patients.


  • Research & Analysis
  • Brand Strategy
  • Content & Messaging Strategy
  • Sales Strategy
  • Marketing Materials
  • Concept Testing
  • Brand Guidelines

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