Founded in 1965, the Ohio Council for Home Care & Hospice (OCHCH) is a statewide trade association that represents the interests of home health care and hospice agencies in Ohio. Supporting 700 members, OCHCH advocates on behalf of the home care and hospice industry and the patients and families they serve.

As a leading voice within the home care, hospice, and palliative care industry, OCHCH was looking to further expand awareness, with the goal to grow partnerships within their field, as well as evolve their services and offerings amongst organizations and agencies that work within the post-acute continuum of healthcare.

To do so, OCHCH partnered with Origo Branding to create a more effective brand and website strategy that speaks to the organization’s mission and values and positions the organization as a leader in providing advocacy and educational opportunities to help support post-acute agencies and providers.

Research & Discovery

Our strategic team conducted working meetings and surveys with internal and external stakeholders of the organization, helping to identify audience profiles/personas, as well as other methods of positioning and storytelling strategies.

We found that there was a lack of awareness of OCHCH’s extensive offerings. We knew that it would be necessary to create several opportunities for strategic positioning and messaging for these programs to increase awareness of the high level of service amongst members, as well as create a Branded House architecture to cross-promote the different offerings of the organization.

From our findings, our team was able to craft a new approach to the organization’s brand and website strategy, creating a structure to determine how the sub-programs would sit under the new umbrella brand of OCHCH, which provides a cohesive experience across the different segments of the organization. Our team completed a web audit and developed four pillars of OCHCH’s offerings, including Advocacy, Provider Support, Community Outreach, and Education. These became the main sections of the sub-program sites for their new online experience, as well as developed the foundation for our brand and marketing strategy.

New Brand Strategy

From our research findings, Origo created a new logo with the themes of advocacy, shelter, and compassion. Its logomark captures the image of an individual within their home and communicates the caring nature and quality of service that helps them to live a healthy life of independence and dignity. The icon also alludes to the promise that OCHCH makes to its community, which is to be an advocate in their field and provide a protective shield to the needs of its members.

The tagline “Improving Care Where it Matters Most” represents OCHCH’s mission to be the leading voice of health care at home and communicates how they achieve their mission by advancing industry standards of advocacy, education, and provider support, ensuring that patients receive the highest level of dignity, care, and respect.

Color Palette & Iconography

To expand the brand’s look and feel, we developed a color system that is caring, compassionate, and professional, featuring a palette of warm pink, light blue, and elegant navy. Icons and patterns rounded out the branded graphics and allow for an easily recognizable system of images that represent OCHCH’s services.

Collateral & Marketing Materials

Once solidifying the brand strategy, Origo created a collateral system to help generate awareness around the organization’s services when attending different community events, trade shows, and educational programs affiliated with the organization. The marketing package included:

  • Business cards
  • Letterhead
  • Corporate folder
  • Envelopes (small & large)
  • Overview brochure
  • 6 inserts to promote membership information, success stories, educational offerings, events, annual conference, etc. (template included for future handouts)

Media Plan & Toolkit

Origo also developed a media toolkit and plan that the OCHCH team utilizes when launching new campaigns and awareness strategies. This included:

  • Print Ads
  • Digital Display Banner Ad Templates
  • PPC AdWord Keywords
  • Facebook & Social Media Graphics
  • Social Ads: 5 versions
  • Press Release Template
  • Direct Mail Templates
  • Event Invites
  • Posters
  • E-Newsletters: Utilizing form of software identified by the client (2-3 versions)

New Website Strategy

Our main goal for the new OCHCH website was to create an intuitive and simplified user experience that was responsive and welcoming. After an extensive web audit of the organization’s previous online presence, it was decided to combine all existing program websites into one cohesive user experience, offering a direct and clear path to the five sub-program sites that highlight the different services and initiatives of OCHCH.

New Video Strategy

Along with the new website strategy, Origo created a new mission video that could be utilized online, in direct marketing strategies, and in other communication efforts, promoting the mission, services, success stories, and culture of the organization.


Launched at the organization’s annual conference, the new strategies and tactics Origo created have been able to help OCHCH connect more current and prospective members with their wide range of services and programs, as well as boost engagement from existing stakeholders to help achieve more visibility among key community members and funders.

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