To help encourage prescribers and patients to take charge of medication safety and promote safe pain management practices, Origo created the campaign "Take Charge Ohio" as part of the state's mission to prevent the abuse of opiates and opioids.


  • Origo conducted research amongst state health departments, as well as held eight focus groups with prescribers and the general public from across the state, to help guide our insights, messaging, and approach for the new campaign.
  • Based on our findings from the research phase, we developed five marketing concepts, each with a logo lockup, tagline, differentiated messaging, web URL, and concept imagery, which were then tested in eight focus groups amongst prescribers and the general public from across the state.
  • Using the new campaign creative, we then designed and developed a campaign website to serve as an online hub for prescribers and patients to learn more about safe pain management and medication tools and resources.
  • To further promote our mission, Origo developed four motion graphics PSAs and four TV commercials to be used online in social media campaigns and other ad placements, educating prescribers and patients on safe medication and pain management tips.
  • We also developed an online toolkit with template advertisements for statewide partners, health professionals, and community members to use, helping to promote our message among their networks. Tools included social media graphics, digital ads, brochures, flyers, print advertisements, and posters.


  • Launched in October of 2017, the campaign was met with great success, engaging over 80,000 prescribers through a campaign e-blast strategy that encouraged health professionals across the state to implement our practices into their patient networks. 
  • We were also able to further advocate our message through the local networks of statewide community partners, with a number of organizations and county boards quickly engaging in our campaign materials in the online toolkit and implementing our assets through their localized media budgets and grassroots efforts.
  • Furthermore, the campaign gathered significant press, as well as great momentum online, generating significant traffic to the social media pages and campaign website. To further our efforts in helping address the issues of the opiate epidemic in our state, Origo is now continuing our work with ODH to execute new objectives, which will help inform our upcoming awareness strategies to reduce stigma and drive awareness to treatment resources.


  • Research & Analysis
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Naming
  • Brand Design
  • Motion Graphics
  • Web Strategy & Development
  • E-Blasts
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Posters
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Billboards
  • Print Advertising

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