Origo created a new recruitment video for the OSU Wexner Medical Center's Pharmacy Residency Program, utilizing live action and testimonials to create a compelling story that expresses their success stories and history.

  • To help identify the goals for the new video, Origo conducted working meetings with the client to outline messaging, as well as the dates, locations, and participants needed for production.
  • Origo collaborated with OSU to outline a set of questions for the different roles represented in the video, including staff, alumni, and current residents.
  • Origo conducted pre-production for a three-day shoot, including multiple locations and talent, allowing the team to create a storyboard and structure for the video that showcased the flow of messaging and content, as well as any messaging included in the on-screen graphics.
  • After conducting working meetings with the client and coordinating the talent, location, and video crew, Origo crafted a production schedule, outlining the different locations and participants for each day’s production.
  • Once the production schedule was finalized, Origo conducted three days of production (2-3 locations each day), capturing 10-12 testimonials of internal and external stakeholders of the OSU Pharmacy Residency Program and covering different locations for each of pharmacy residency.
  • Origo utilized its in-house team of animators and video editors to create the final video, successfully highlighting the value and experiences of the OSU Pharmacy Residency Program, positioning it as a leading program in its field.


  • Art Direction
  • Messaging & Storyboards
  • Digital Video
  • Video Production
  • Video Strategy
  • Video/Multimedia

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