Re-Brand of Tube Feeding at Home Booklet for Abbott Nutrition.

November 3, 2009

Origo Branding Company has just completed a re-brand of Abbott Nutrition’s Tube Feeding at Home Booklet — a 32-page publication that is targeted at children and adults who have traditional feeding difficulties and rely on liquid nutrition as a source of protein. The booklet is distributed to people who must make the adjustment to liquid nutrition and need easy-to-understand information regarding the process of tube feeding, preventing infections, and problem management. With Abbott’s line of tube feeding liquids, pumps, and specialized feeding tubes, they wanted to make sure that the information not only introduced tube feeding and its process, but also provide informative illustrations to be used as visual aides. Working closely with the Abbott Nutrition team, Origo was responsible for writing the copy contents and the full re-branding direction. The booklet has been successful and is already in need ofbeing reprinted due to high demand.

Origo used photography to show the mobility and freedom one can have with specialized pumps and their carrying devices. Model selection and photo direction by the Origo team ensured that the images represented daily scenarios that tube feeding users encounter at home. Photos of pumps in the home setting were used to demonstrate that users can tube feed in the comfort of their own homes. Spot illustrations were created to demonstrate usages for tube feeding specific syringes and to provide overviews of equipment maintenance.

This was a rewarding project in that we had the opportunity to create a resource that will inform people making the shift to tube feeding an easier transition to understand. See more of our great client work.