Athletic Club of Columbus Launches New Brand

November 8, 2010

In 1912, the Athletic Club of Columbus was founded by a group of business professionals interested in promoting both social and athletic endeavors. Now, with 2012 around the corner, Origo Branding Company has partnered with the club to help celebrate their 100 Years of Excellence with a fresh new brand.

In an industry that has seen much decline during this recession, the Athletic Club of Columbus is one that has been successful in adapting to the times. Seeing many changes throughout the decades, the ACC has evolved to attract a strong mix of ages and has added new innovative features to their business model to stay relevant in an ever-changing world. Our objective was to create a brand that promoted the progressiveness of the club— an angle some may seem to overlook when observing the private club industry.

Along with their forward-thinking philosophies, we could not ignore them as an important connection to Ohio politics and commerce. Housing different American presidents, politicians, celebrities, and even important businessmen such as Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas, we had to take a specific approach to their new brand. While showing their modern ideals, it was important to not forget the traditional foundations on which the club was built— our way of meshing the “old” with the “new” into one cohesive strategy.

On October 15th, the new brand was revealed in a Centennial Celebration Kick-Off with world-renowned chef, Hartmut Handke CMC. The brand was received with a fantastic response.

With a new brand underway, Origo is excited to celebrate the past 100 years with their new partner, as well as look to the future as we pave the way for the ACC’s successful marketing strategies.