Origo Launches MediGold’s 2011 Campaign

November 1, 2010

The Mount Carmel Health Plan, MediGold, is a Medicare Advantage plan based in Columbus, Ohio.  MediGold was founded by doctors and hospitals in 1997 to exclusively serve seniors, as well as others eligible for Medicare.

Partnering in 2010 as MediGold’s agency-of-record, Origo Branding Company was very excited this month to launch their new 2011 campaign. Coming into the season with impeccable benefits and a plan that towers over the competition, it was important to speak directly to the new, competitive benefits such as their primary feature— a “$0 Premium Plan.”

Conducted through an integrated marketing strategy, Origo wanted to highlight the wide array of benefits, while not forgetting to connect with the reason people use Medicare in the first place— to enjoy the more important things in life.

Utilizing television, web, print, direct mail, sales kits, and assorted marketing materials, we worked to connect with MediGold’s audience on every level, communicating in clear and understandable messaging.

So this year, if you have a loved one who is eligible for Medicare— send them to MediGold to receive the care and service they deserve.

MediGold. It’s Medicare Made Easy.