The Athletic Club of Columbus Shows Heightened Club Experience Through Newly Branded Materials

April 27, 2011

Noted in a previous blog post, Origo is very excited to have helped in the rebranding in one of Columbus’ proudest institutions, The Athletic Club of Columbus. Assisting in the upcoming celebration of their 100 Years of Excellence (centennial coming  in 2012), we made sure to accomplish 2 items— show the forward-thinking progressiveness of the club, while not leaving the traditional and historic value.

Along with this new brand to be launched with the club’s centennial, Origo was excited to expand the club’s new identity into its marketing efforts. Through messaging, design, and presentation, Origo Branding Company created a new marketing campaign along with a revamped collateral system. And by conducting all original photography, we had a blast meeting some of the club’s finest members— truly understanding the prestigious, but fun culture of the club.

Generating much success and awareness, the campaign was able to speak to both the traditional and modern individual by showing the different aspects such as the athletic, historic, traditional, and social aspects of the club— advancing the brand voice and speaking to new audiences.