Origo Partners with e-Cycle to Launch New Mobile Buyback and Recycling Website

October 11, 2011

Part of a fulfilling professional experience is being able to work with exceptional people who are willing to make an effort to make their community a better place. This is why we were thrilled to partner with e-Cycle, a top-tiered mobile buyback and recycling company based in Columbus, OH, that focuses on recycling cell phones and securely handling sensitive data from large companies and organizations around the globe.

Situated in a thriving economic sector of the country, e-Cycle understands the needs of growing local companies –as well as that of large global enterprises– when it comes to data security and mobile phone recycling. Ranked as a Fast 50 emerging company by Business First, e-Cycle has earned an e-Stewards® rating, which proves that it consistently conforms to the e-Stewards Standard for responsible recycling and reuse of electronic equipment.

To uphold such a powerful brand presence online, Origo set out to build an optimal site architecture that guides the user through easy-to-use navigation, placing emphasis on important information, features, and resources. Taking a brand-oriented approach, Origo was able to capitalize on e-Cycle’s tagline “Recycle. Recover. Protect.” to create an effective site navigation.

Along with engaging social media features and a sleek new design to promote technology and innovation, our new online strategy is sure to position e-Cycle as the #1 enterprise wireless buyback company in the United States.

Origo is proud to have had the opportunity to work with such a conscious organization and we are always eager to learn of ways in which we can all be more environmentally friendly.

Make sure to check out e-Cycle’s website!