The Rebranding of the Columbus American Marketing Association

October 5, 2011

From its beginning, the mission of the Columbus American Marketing Association (AMA) was to provide the best opportunities for marketers in Central Ohio and be regarded as the premiere professional organization in the region.

Being a huge fan and advocate of the organization, Origo Branding Company was honored to have the opportunity to help rebrand the organization. Being a “marketing” focused organization, we were impressed they backed up their philosophies by stressing the importance of branding in their organization.

From the start, the objective of the new brand identity was clear:

“To create a new, powerful identity that reflects a forward-thinking, innovative, and relevant organization, positioning the Columbus AMA as one of the top professional organizations in the region.”

So what makes a marketing organization innovative, forward-thinking, and powerful? When going through our branding process, we started to dive into our industry, define trends, and identify important themes relevant to our organization’s strengths. We found out that the AMA reflected a few items: technology, information, strategy, and results.

Along with a brand identity, we were able to implement a brand architecture using a color-coding system to represent the different Special Interest Groups (shown below). This was a way to add cohesiveness to the brand and show its roots, while giving a sense of individuality to each group’s focus.

Today, the organization totals approximately 300 members and is consistently growing in membership. Soon to roll out a new online presence to match their refreshed brand identity, the Columbus AMA is sure to remain the top marketing organization in Central Ohio.