Kegler, Brown, Hill & Ritter Promotes Focused Value Proposition with Global Business Microsite

November 8, 2011

Business, when done right, should not be constrained by boundaries. This is even truer in today’s modern world. Nowadays, markets and industries transcend sovereign lines of demarcation and demand constant attention. Which is why it was important for Kegler, Brown, Hill & Ritter to position itself as the go-to professional services firm providing legal solutions for all global business needs.

As an established name and leader in the professional legal services industry, Kegler Brown serves clients locally, nationally, and globally. More recently, the firm has identified an increased need for legal advice pertaining specifically to global business matters. Because of this need, Kegler Brown decided to launch a microsite focusing on this specific area of practice to help meet the demand.

Origo had the great opportunity to develop Kegler Brown’s “Global Business” microsite (, through which the firm showcases its expertise in everything from joint ventures and alliances to international dispute resolution, to name just a few areas of expertise.

Microsites are a great tool for companies and brands that have an already established image but have a need to focus on a specific area of expertise without losing its identity. They are also very useful for companies that want to create a more defined separation between practice areas within the same umbrella of service.

We were able to help Kegler Brown accomplish this by using visual elements from its main website in order to create consistency, while still introducing some elements to give it its own identity.

Check out Kegler Brown Global to see how Kegler Brown helps all of its clients their complex global business needs.