e-Cycle Launches Engaging Process Video

January 31, 2012

A couple of months ago we featured e-Cycle, a Top 5 fastest growing environmental services company in the Inc. Magazine list, as we launched its newly redesigned website. So far, the website has proven to be very effective for this leader in mobile buyback and recycling, delivering an online navigation experience that focuses on their tagline: “Recycle, Recover, Protect.”

This message, however, goes beyond just a tagline. This represents the e-Cycle Process, which delineates the company’s turnkey mobile buyback, recycling, and data protection process. In order to provide e-Cycle customers with an easy visualization of how they can benefit from using e-Cycle’s services, Origo set out to develop a 2-minute motion graphics video.

e-Cycle’s process video is a versatile tool that can be used by e-Cycle representatives to teach new customers about the benefits of the company. It also provides informative visuals during conferences and presentations, and attract visitors to the website to learn more about mobile buyback and recycling.

Watch the e-Cycle process video above to learn about the benefits of mobile recycling and visit e-Cycle’s website to learn more about the company!