“Have a Blast! Read.” − CML’s 2012 Summer Reading Club

May 31, 2012

Summer is once again upon us and along with it come many fun and exciting activities. In addition to the great weather, our city is gearing up for its largest celebration yet: the Columbus Bicentennial. This is a great time to be in Columbus, and all of us want to celebrate this vibrant city.

An important community organization that makes Columbus such a vibrant place is the Columbus Metropolitan Library. Every year, the CML organizes the Summer Reading Club. 2011 was a record-breaking year for the Summer Reading Club, with 89,000 participants enjoying the program activities throughout the summer. The 2011 “Be a Hero. Read.” campaign was enormously successful, garnering some major marketing awards for its originality and fun nature through colorful characters and motion graphic “webisodes.”

This year, Origo Branding Company once again had the pleasure of partnering with the #1 Library in the nation to develop this year’s Summer Reading Club brand, which will launch this June. In order to represent the Columbus’ Bicentennial festivities, we decided to tie in the concept by taking a celebratory approach.

“Have a Blast! Read. – Celebrate 200 Years of Columbus Fun” brings out the fun in reading while also alluding to the city’s major milestone. Summer Reading Club has always been about fun, but this year young children and teenagers alike can be a part of activities that celebrate our city while upholding the importance of reading.

The program identity this year features a vibrant and fun color palette and many icons that are representative of Columbus’ communities and history. With a brand that engages people of all ages to read and have fun, “Have a Blast! Read” is sure to be yet another success for the Columbus Metropolitan Library.

Check out the 2012 Summer Reading Club website here and learn more about how you can be a part of the all the fun starting June 9th!