Origo Develops Brand for Leukart/Ramsey Group’s Pure Dermacenter

June 27, 2012

Having had the opportunity three years ago to create the identity for Smile Envy, the Leukart / Ramsey Group’s dentistry practice, we were very excited to embark on the development of a new set of offerings for the Central Ohio community through Pure Dermacenter.

Pure Dermacenter began as Dr. Juliette Leukart’s vision to provide her customers with non-surgical aesthetic procedures that complement the dental services offered by Smile Envy, Pure Dermacenter’s sister company. Dr. Leukart came to us with a clear idea of where the brand needed to be, and our job was to bring it to fruition.

With a commitment to offer an environmentally conscious and holistic approach to cosmetic procedures, the newly inaugurated skincare and laser center needed a strong new image, informative and engaging messaging, and a clear description of its services to ensure a strong introduction into the Central Ohio community.

Beginning at the origin of the challenge, Origo took the time to understand Dr. Leukart’s vision and develop a complete identity that revolves around the Center’s core values. The naming strategy, logo, messaging, color palette, and photographic style all reflect Pure Dermacenter’s expertise, attention to detail, and industry leadership.

Additionally, we had the opportunity to develop the Center’s collateral materials and office interior. All of these touchpoints ensure that customers have a relaxing, rejuvenating, and holistic experience.

This experience is carried through online, where we developed a brand new website that educates customers about the procedures, provides clear information on all services, and gives an additional opportunity to connect with the brand. The Pure Dermacenter website is also an essential tool to position the company as a leader in the industry by providing customers insights into new technologies, techniques, and even a forthcoming line of products that will be featured on its online store. Users experience optimal site architecture and navigation, and thus develop a deeper connection with the brand.

Check out Pure Dermacenter’s new website here and set up your appointment today!