Origo Launches New Brand for Papel Couture

August 7, 2012

Papel Couture creates premium design paper products through innovative use of precision laser cutting. The result is a uniquely stylish brand of stationery and home décor items. Origo is proud to collaborate with Papel Couture in creating a new brand essence and marketing strategy that keep in mind the essentials of couture – fine design, attention to detail, and superior quality.

New visuals and web features (as seen below) reflect the delicate intricacy in their high-end line of products.

We’ve created a user-friendly website for better e-commerce functionality and navigability. Multi-level categorization sorts items by specific occasion, so users can find what they need quickly and easily. Interactive widgets let e-consumers rate and review items, then share their favorites among their various social networks.

The sophisticated new brand speaks to new audiences who are design-conscious and internet-savvy. Look and feel elements appeal to their eclectic tastes and high fashion sensibility, while new web features let them connect with the Papel Couture brand in a way that’s engaging as well as intuitive.

Overall, it’s been an inspiring project that flexes our retail, web, and branding capabilities. We look forward to watching Papel Couture grow its brand identity online and elsewhere.