The Path to Medicare Made Easy— An Educational Video from MediGold

September 21, 2012

Our long-time client and friends at MediGold recently asked us to put their message into motion with a succinct, web-based visual resource to demonstrate “The Path to Medicare Made Easy” for the New to Medicare audience. Taking an educational approach, we set out to create a new motion graphics video to guide individuals nearing Medicare eligibility through the ins and outs of the service, including the benefits of partnering with and advantage plan like MediGold.

The two-minute video guides viewers through the basics of MediCare, explaining and clarifying the process and providing a quick reference for understanding the different options for enrollment. Visual explanations and online application make it adaptable as well as portable.

We think it serves as a strong tool to position MediGold as a forward-thinking and technology-driven company, equipped with new strategies to partner with the Medicare community.