Origo Launches Brand for Retail Boutique, Fringe Outfitters

December 3, 2012

Fringe Outfitters began in December 2010 as an e-commerce website, and has since carved a unique path within the local fashion community. In the spring of 2012, the brand had reached a critical turning point between its pop-up shop business model and the launch of a permanent retail space.

Fringe founder Gregory Turner asked us at Origo to apply our creative expertise to his boutique’s developing identity, that speaks to individual style and personal autonomy, with attention to quality craftsmanship, responsible apparel making, and sustainable growth.

To reflect the brand’s evolution and progressive direction, we set out to re-imagine Fringe, while maintaining the identity that had already earned an impressive following. Many visual elements, namely Fringe’s signature zebra icon, have had a continuous presence in the brand since its beginning.

We developed a new logo to move the look and feel forward, incorporating the icon with a more graphic approach to the Fringe’s edgy, unique voice. The Origo team was excited for the opportunity to consult on all aspects of launching a new retail identity, conceptualizing everything from storefront and interior design to packaging, as well as the brand’s translation into different collateral materials.

Our new design was ultimately applied to Fringe’s overall messaging strategy and retail elements, including tags, bags, boxes and store merchandising. Fringe owner Greg Turner took the brand to the next level, and even applied it to his own skin (as seen below).

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