Origo Helps Abbott Nutrition Launch the Alliance to Advance Patient Nutrition

July 23, 2013

Origo has a great history working with healthcare organizations, including long-time partner, Abbott Nutrition, and its line of superior nutrition products such as Ensure®, Similac®, and Glucerna®. Recognizing an opportunity to elevate the role of nutrition in the hospital, Abbott joined forces with four of our nation’s leading health organizations to raise awareness about the burden of malnutrition and how clinicians can improve outcomes through collaboration. Uniting with the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the Society of Hospital Medicine, and the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses, they formed the Alliance to Advance Patient Nutrition.

Educational Module #1 (of six featured on malnutrition.com)

Recognizing the Alliance’s goal to improve patient outcomes through nutrition, Origo designed a new brand strategy with launch materials that call out pressing statistics about malnutrition in the hospital setting, such as “1 in 3 patients who enter the hospital are malnourished upon admission”. (see some of the materials below)

Our tagline – “Improving Patient Outcomes, Together.”- reflects one of the organization’s main objectives of promoting an interdisciplinary approach between administrators, dietitians, nurses, and physicians when addressing their patients’ nutritional needs before, during, and after their hospital stay— all with the main goal to transform patient outcomes through nutrition. The Alliance Nutrition Care Model (crafted by the leading clinicians of each organization) emphasizes the positive impact that nutrition intervention can have on patients’ medical outcomes, offering a six-step protocol to address patients’ nutrition needs at every stage of their hospital visit. (see the online Nutrition Care Model below)

The brand was also implemented across an effective set of tools and strategies to help hospital care teams advocate for effective nutrition practices within their institutions. Strategies ranged from online downloadable one-pagers, to informational video modules and interactive touchscreen quizzes featured at national conventions, actively engaging the audience with the story on malnutrition. (see our different strategies below)

Digital mockup of convention booth to be present at four major healthcare conferences across the nation.

Touchscreen modules for clinicians to learn about the Alliance through digital sales aids and quizzes to test your knowledge on malnutrition.

Promotional giveaways at the Alliance conference booth.

Print and digital advertisements to be placed in different industry publications focused on health and wellness.

Launched in June of 2013, the response has been extremely positive as more clinicians across the country are engaging in the Alliance story, building awareness toward the hidden burden of malnutrition and improving patient outcomes through a collaborative approach to care.

Visit malnutrition.com to learn more about the Alliance to Advance Patient Nutrition, and help lead the charge against malnutrition.