28 Years of Creativity and Success!

October 4, 2013

This week is a milestone for our agency marking 28 years of great memories and fantastic creative work. It also just so happens that this week, upon entering our latest project for our newest client, we’ve reached project #5000 — we are thrilled! It’s almost surreal to imagine that at one point in 1985 (before project management software), we were entering 0001 to mark our first project ever. With such a remarkable moment in our history, we can’t help but look back at the many years of inspiration, friends, clients, and achievements.

It was 1980 when Tommaso Ciaffoncini, Founder and Creative Director of Origo, moved from Italy to the United States to work in the field of design and communications. After working as the Creative Director at other major agencies, it wasn’t long before he wanted to start a new agency founded on his guiding principle:

“Authenticity is the best investment any brand can make.”

Beginning in 1985 with his wife and business partner Diana Ciaffoncini, Tommaso took Origo into the international arena, becoming a strategic player for many Fortune 500 companies, advancing their market placement and creating compelling strategies for major pharmaceutical, retail, and educational companies such as Abbott Nutrition, Elmer’s, Victoria’s Secret, the Columbus Metropolitan Library, and many more.

Origo is continuously inspired by our founding principles as we work to help clients find their competitive edge. Whether designing for the digital frontier or crafting emotional brand stories, we look forward to countless more years making business — and the world — a little more interesting.