Origo Launches New Brand for the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio

January 7, 2014

The Foundation for Appalachian Ohio creates opportunities for the people and communities of Appalachian Ohio by supporting and inspiring philanthropy. The Foundation has seen great success in its first 15 years of managing and appropriating legacies throughout their region, and we were excited when this incredible organization teamed up with Origo to help evolve their brand into a more focused identity that celebrates their past, as well as looks to a greater vision for their future.

With deep roots in Appalachian culture, FAO’s staff and Board hold their region close to their heart, sharing their passion through their work in the Foundation. Using this history and devotion, we created an emotional and personal voice for their  brand that would build a significant bond with the community, ensuring the values and philosophy of the organization was visible throughout a variety of communication efforts.

We helped develop FAO’s brand through creating a new logo, visual approach, messaging strategy, and overall brand voice to reflect the organization’s values and mission. We also developed an inspiring tagline that aligned with their mission, “Give. Grow. Create.”, which speaks to FAO’s duty to give back to their region, grow opportunity for local communities, and in turn, create legacies that will last forever. The goal was to connect and engage new audiences, and to ensure that the brand maintain, build, and grow a distinct presence as the most trusted entity for philanthropy in Appalachian Ohio, offering a holistic view of what is best for the region.

Launched amongst hundreds of key donors and stakeholders on December 6th at their Child of Appalachia event, the brand was received with great response— fulfilling our objective of showing a region and Foundation that is stronger than ever, growing opportunities for the future and creating legacies that will last a lifetime.

We look to continue to build buzz and awareness through future fundraising campaign and a brand new website. Stay tuned for more exciting news, and be sure to help this inspiring organization Give, Grow, and Create by offering your support here.