A New Brand and Web Strategy for Atlapac — “Packaging Fit For You”

July 31, 2014

Atlapac Corporation is a leading manufacturer and distributor of custom plastic bags and pouches, providing solutions to more than 500 companies for their flexible packaging needs. Since its founding in 1986, Atlapac has grown to operate more than 45 machines and 50 production lines, helping elevate their business and build strong relationships with brands in industries ranging from foodservice to consumer goods.

Atlapac looked to Origo for our expertise in moving brands forward. We began with an evolution of the company’s logo, revamping their various communication materials to solidify their position as a forward-thinking industry leader. To do this, we focused on developing  a more modern and sleek concept that would be recognizable to their longtime partners, while communicating new, innovative capabilities.

Touchpoints and features of the branding refresh included:

  • New Logo: We created a modern, sleek evolution of their brand identity, including a new color palette and lockup.
  • New Tagline: Origo and Atlapac ultimately decided “PACKAGING FIT FOR YOU” would be an ideal summary of their customer-centric philosophy and toll-converting process.
  • New Print Collateral: Newly designed folders, business cards, letterhead, brochures, email templates, and e-signatures create a cohesive brand story, helping educate potential clientele of their broad range of services.
  • New Web Design & Architecture: We set out to create a modern and user-friendly site experience that worked strategically with the new branding. Users and potential customers can navigate Atlapac’s various offerings and procedures to decide the packaging type that is fit to their needs. The site was also matched with WordPress as their Content Management System, allowing their team to update, manage, and edit all content for the site, creating a versatile marketing tool for the future.
  • New Photo Library: We took new photography of the Atlapac team, products, and factory to showcase their full range of services and give greater insight into their company culture and environment.

Our teams’ close collaboration led to the launch of Atlapac’s new brand and website at the Global Pouch Forum in June, 2014. The response has been incredibly positive! We are proud to work with yet another industry leader and look forward to new collaborations in the future. Visit atlapac.com to experience the new look and functionality and to learn more about Atlapac’s flexible packaging services.