Origo Helps Launch Good4Growth™ — A new Partnership for Healthier, Smarter Kids

August 12, 2014

The Cardinal Health Foundation and the Ohio Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics have partnered with Ohio Action for Healthy Kids and American Dairy Association Mideast to launch a new initiative called Good4Growth™ (G4G). The program’s mission is to create and spread information, tools, and resources that everyone can use to help babies, children, and teens get the very best start in life, focusing on three essential catalysts for child development: healthy food, creative play, and a caring environment.

Origo was approached by the Cardinal Health Foundation to help develop their brand into a full, robust story that would reach across communities, from parents to school leaders; healthcare providers to youth counselors and beyond. Prepared to launch the initiative in May, we were called on to help create branded collateral, a new responsive web strategy, and a program launch video to kick off the Good4Growth brand to nearly 1,000 Cardinal Health employees at three offices.

Check out some of the innovative ways our teams collaborated to help spread the word about healthy food, creative play, and a caring environment!

A branded launch video (seen above) explains the science behind Good4Growth’s philosophy and outlines the ways any caring adult can help make a lasting difference in a child’s life. Motion graphics and voiceover narration tell the engaging story and deliver a powerful call-to-action.

Web design uses fresh, inspirational photo styles and playful graphics build a branded user experience. Parents and professionals can navigate targeted content in specific sections for different child age groups, accessing a “hub” of information, tools, and resources for helping kids be healthier, better learners. The Good4Growth team was equipped with WordPress in order to update, manage, and edit all content in the future, creating flexible communication tool for the initiative.

Print collateral to help build buzz and awareness around the Good4Growth message. Our teams were excited to try new approaches, incorporating social media strategies.

Visit Good4Growth.com for more tools, information, and resources for helping all babies, kids, and teens get the very best start!