Oct 17, 2014


The Kiplinger Program at The Ohio State University is an integral and valuable resource for seasoned Public Affairs Journalists looking to unite rigorous reporting with cutting edge digital storytelling in an ever-changing media landscape. The program has become increasingly impactful to the journalism community through its Kiplinger Fellowship, helping many journalists make better use of online tools and channels. Origo collaborated with the Kiplinger Program to create a new website to expand their web presence and add great value to their communication strategy, positioning the program as one of the most cutting edge in the journalistic community.


As a program that strives to help journalists advance into the new digital age, we were excited to create a responsive web design that allows users to have the most optimal experience on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices, as the interface reformats to best fit each device’s screen. Of course, no website is truly optimal without a superiors site architecture and user navigation. Sitting down with the Kiplinger team, we achieved our objective of creating greater awareness around the four tiers of their offerings, developing quick links and drop downs that easily navigated users to their section of the site, depending on their user goals.kiplingerblog

We also equipped the site with a user friendly content management system to further empower the Kiplinger Program staff, enhanced SEO strategy and Google Analytics to improve web performance, reflecting the best online practices, similar to what the program teaches its participants 365 days a year.

Visit the Kiplinger Program’s website and see the awesome new changes, as well as the amazing accomplishments of this institution.