Origo Helps Launch the New Best Start Toolkit for the Good4Growth Initiative

March 9, 2015

The care and attention given to children between ages 0 to 18 is essential for healthy childhood development. To address the growing demand for resources and tools to support healthy children, Origo has partnered with the Cardinal Health FoundationAmerican Academy of Pediatrics (Ohio Chapter)City of ColumbusAmerican Dairy Association, and Action for Healthy Kids to launch a new childhood development initiative called Good4Growth. The focus of Good4Growth is to give key influencers in childhood development—specifically parents, early childcare centers, and anyone else who touches a child’s life–the practical tools and tips to support healthier, smarter kids.

The program focuses on three key areas in childhood development:

  • Healthy Food: teaching kids a healthier way to make better food and nutrition decisions.
  • Creative Play: making sure kids get adequate exercise and activity throughout their day.
  • Caring Environment: providing a nurturing environment for the child.
Good for Growth

Launch of The Best Start Kits

To support the Good4Growth mission to create healthier, smarter kids, the team is launching a set of quarterly online toolkits. The toolkits include tips and activities for caregivers and children of all ages, blogs from community leaders on the quarterly message, Public Service Announcements (PSAs), posters, flyers, PowerPoint presentations, and much more to help support children.

Good for Growth

In mid-January we were thrilled to have launched the first quarterly message: “An Hour A Day to Play” , a digitally integrated toolkit that is designed to encourage kids and families to find creative and fun ways to get at least 60 minutes of play a day. Check out our inspirational “An Hour A Day to Play” PSA  to learn more about this exciting toolkit.

Origo also worked with Good4Growth to create an integrative social media strategy, focused on leveraging messaging and visuals on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to reach out to key influencers in childhood development and partnering networks. Our ultimate goal of the social media plan was to layout strategies for  strengthening the visibility and overall impact of the toolkit’s message. After just over a month of executing the G4G social media strategy, we have seen a drastic increase in engagement on the Good4Growth social media pages.

Good for Growth

Below are some more examples of the featured family and professional resources from the current toolkit:

  • PPT for “An Hour a Day to Play”– A presentation on physical activity for kids to deliver in front of co-workers, daycare centers, or other groups.
  • Flyer – A handout to drive awareness on how families and professionals can help give kids “An Hour a Day to Play.”
  • Quick Tips for Each Age– A list of easy-to-implement activities for children at every age.
  • Fun Indoor Activities– A downloadable PDF to find easy and fun activities for families.
  • Posters– Fun posters schools, daycare centers, offices, or homes to promote “An Hour a Day to Play”.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)– Commonly asked questions from other families and professionals.

At Origo, we believe healthy lives lead to happy lives. We encourage you to check out the Good4Growth website to get useful tips to help kids get the best start on activity. Stay tune for our upcoming toolkit, “Making Snacks Count.”