Origo Launches New Brand and Website for Micro-Design, Inc.

December 8, 2015
Micro-Design Inc.

When Micro-Design, Inc. asked Origo to redevelop their brand and website strategy, they had a clear goal in mind: create a B2B brand experience that was as forward-thinking and progressive as their services and technologies. Micro-Design, Inc. successfully provided innovative solutions in the energy, water, and waste fields –but they needed to tell their story on a broader scale.

Using a research-driven approach, Origo created a new brand identity and digital experience that engaged their target audience and created a platform for telling a larger brand story.

Bringing the Brand Forward 
The project began with a strategic rebrand. After researching MDi’s differentiated advantages, services, and competitors, Origo started on the design of a refreshed logo. Our goal was to evolve the brand’s identity while paying homage to its roots. The fluid opaque wave, set against the sleek red sphere, speaks to the history of MDi, while also giving a nod to one of its main technologies, LevelCon (a leading solution for remote liquid monitoring). The new brand immediately took off, and Origo began extending design elements into other applications, such as collateral, apparel, and web.

Micro-Design Inc.

Creating a New Digital Brand Experience
Next, MDi asked Origo to create a modern and mobile-ready website experience to promote the company’s products and service offerings. Utilizing the new logo as an inspiration, Origo developed a new, responsive website, which included:

  • An optimized architecture and content strategy, helping users intuitively find the information through optimal user navigation and experience.
  • A responsive website for easy navigation on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices, while helping boost their search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Improved functional capabilities, such as a platform for videos, social media, and blogging that will help communicate the company’s mission, key offerings, and culture.
  • An SEO strategy to boost search rankings on Google, Bing, and other popular search engines.
Micro-Design Inc.

The new site is already generating hundreds of unique visitors on a daily basis, and is likely to increase as the brand evolves. Origo is thrilled with the positive results the new site has created for the company. Want to learn more? Visit MDi’s website here.