Origo Launches New Website for The Ohio State University Pharmacy Residency Programs

January 14, 2016
The Ohio State University Pharmacy Residency Program

Each year The Ohio State University pharmacy residency programs attract hundreds of highly motivated and accomplished applicants, eager to become a part of one of the most respected and recognized pharmacy programs in the nation.

In an effort to expand on the programs’ prestigious reputation, The Ohio State University needed a site experience that properly reflected the quality of their pharmacy residency programs. But The University had a unique problem: They had two residency program websites–The OSU Wexner Medical Center (Dept. of Pharmacy) and the OSU College of Pharmacy. Confused yet? So were potential applicants.

With this in mind, the Ohio State University partnered with Origo to combine the two separate websites into one, cohesive online experience–positioning the pharmacy residency program as one unified offering from The Ohio State University.

Origo worked with the leadership team from each institution (Wexner Medical Center and College of Pharmacy) to create a sophisticated and mobile-optimized site that would direct potential residents to the information they’re looking for, and ultimately, to filling out an application for residency. The end product was a clean, responsive website, that included:

  • An optimized site architecture that combines the content of the two program’s current websites to generate an effective navigation system, helping target audiences find the information they are seeking
  • A mobile compatible site to be responsive and compatible with different mobile and tablet devices
  • Intuitive functionality and features, allowing The Ohio State University to promote the varied offerings and benefits of each residency program through videos, social media, and blogging
  • An SEO strategy, helping to boost the brand’s position on the web and search results
  • Analytics, implemented to monitor traffic and goals of users, helping identify best practices for the site architecture
The Ohio State University Pharmacy Residency Program

The website launched at the Mid-Year Meeting in December of 2015, held by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP). The meeting had an attendance of over 20,000 participants from over 100 countries, and the feedback from the meeting was overwhelmingly positive–with over 300 candidates noting how “modern and clean” the website looked. Origo and The Ohio State University are confident that the site will continue to attract new applicants as the site evolves. To learn more about The Ohio State Pharmacy Site visit: http://www.osupharmacyresidency.com/