Origo Helps Launch New Brand & Web Strategy for Lutheran Social Services

March 20, 2017
Lutheran Social Services

Over the years, Lutheran Social Services (LSS) has worked to create a better world for those in need by providing food, shelter, and care to families and seniors. To further grow their mission and impact among the 27 counties they serve, LSS asked Origo to help create a more cohesive brand and web strategy. After months of surveys, focus groups, strategy sessions, creative development, and collaboration, we’ve created a modern and inspirational brand for our partners at LSS, with the goal of building awareness for their services and deepening the organization’s relationship to key community partners and donors.

Phase 1: Research & Brand Analysis

Origo kicked off the initiative with a comprehensive research effort. We gathered important insights surrounding the brand by conducting the following exercises:

  • Comprehensive brand audit, exploring the competitive landscape of other community-focused organizations.
  • Surveys and focus groups of staff and leadership members, volunteers, and donors, identifying key insights about target audiences, perceptions, strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities of the organization and the different programs.
  • Creative exploration to help identify potential visual and messaging directions.
Lutheran Social Services

Phase 2: New Brand Strategy

Using the research from the brand analysis phase, Origo developed a new brand strategy. The goal was to establish Lutheran Social Services as a leading provider of food, shelter, healing, and safety for individuals in need. Origo first laid out the foundation of the new brand by creating positioning statements for the organization as a whole and each of the different programs, helping to elevate awareness of the larger brand, while maintaining program engagement. Origo further brought the brand to life through a new and modern logo, designed to capture the organization’s mission to create a better world by serving people in need.

Lutheran Social Services

Phase 3: New Website & Digital Experience

 We continued to grow the brand by creating a web experience to drive engagement and awareness. These digital touch points included:

  • A mobile and SEO optimized website, featuring an overhauled design, simplified navigation, and easy-to-use service finder.
  • A digital media templates to promote the new brand to current and potential partners through engaging content, campaigns, graphics, and hash tags. 
Lutheran Social Services

Phase 4: Collateral System

After developing a new visual brand identity and website for LSS, the next step was to apply it to a collateral system. These items included:

  • Brochures
  • Inserts
  • A Case for Support (to be given to current and potential donors and sponsors)
  • Corporate Folders
  • Business Cards
  • Envelopes
Lutheran Social Services
Lutheran Social Services

Phase 5: Outreach and Awareness

Once developing the new brand and marketing tools, the final step of the project was to promote its launch. We did so through:

  • An e-blast/newsletter template, providing an overview of the rebrand as well as other important LSS initiatives.
  • Social media templates and pre-generated posts, creating a cohesive social media presence.
  • Digital advertising template to increase audience engagement and drive key stakeholders to the website.
  • PowerPoint templates to support the many presentations LSS conducts and educate the the internal organization on the new brand strategy.

Origo is proud to be a part of an organization that is making such a great difference in our community, and looks forward to supporting Lutheran Social Services in expanding their outreach and impact for families and seniors.

Lutheran Social Services