Origo Helps Launch New Brand & Web Strategy for Pangea Nutrition

May 10, 2017
Pangea Nutrition

Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, Dr. Christos Mantzoros and Dr. Jason Paruthi founded Pangea Nutrition, a meal-delivery service based on the Mediterranean diet with the goal to promote a healthier way of living through nutritious, convenient, and delicious meal options. Once developing the meal plans, they needed a new brand that would communicate their overall mission and product benefits to health professionals and patients.

To do so, Pangea Nutrition asked Origo to create a new brand and digital strategy to better position the company as experts in the Mediterranean diet and encourage prospective members to sign up for their services.

Research & Consultation

Origo kicked off the project with a research process that provided important insights. This included:

  • Competitive Landscape Review: An industry audit to review the competitive landscape of competing meal delivery services and other popular commercial diets.
  • Research of Health Professionals: A survey of health professionals to identify key insights on the most important nutrition practices for a healthy diet as well as identify their perceptions of the Mediterranean diet.
  • Research of Prospective Members: A survey of patients to identify their diet challenges and needs as well as their understanding of the Mediterranean diet.
  • Research of Key Stakeholders and Leadership: A survey of internal staff, partners, and key leadership to help identify the goals of the new branding strategy as well as key benefits and differentiating qualities of the products and services offered.
Pangea Nutrition

Brand Development

Using the research from the brand analysis phase, Origo developed a brand map and visual brand identity. The goal was to establish Pangea Nutrition as a leading provider of convenient, healthy, and delicious Mediterranean diet meals. To further enhance the brand, Origo also developed the tagline, Healthy Made Easy, to capture the company’s mission to provide healthy and easy meal options to members.

Pangea Nutrition

New Website, Digital, and Social Experience

Once creating the new brand identity, Origo extended the brand to a mobile-optimized website. Origo implemented the following features to help direct users to the information and meal options that aligned with their needs.

  • E-Commerce & Member Signup: A sign up page prompting users to select and purchase a Pangea Nutrition meal plan – creating a personalized dashboard in which users can review and order new meal plans for the future.
  • Member Testimonials: A section to showcase members’ positive experiences with Pangea Nutrition to generate trust and credibility.
  • Health Calculator: A health calculator (and lead generation tool) providing site users with personalized health information based on their specific health-related goals.
  • Education: A section educating site users on benefits, tips, and resources related to the Mediterranean diet.

Origo also created a social media strategy to help promote the brand to health professionals, patients, and partners through engaging content, campaigns, graphics and hash tags.

Pangea Nutrition
Pangea Nutrition

Recipe Cards

After developing a new visual brand identity and website for Pangea Nutrition, the next step was to apply the design to the recipe cards that would provide members with instructions for making meals and offer guidance on how to best store leftovers and prepare next day meals.

Pangea Nutrition

With the new brand, website, and collateral items now in motion, Pangea Nutrition is anticipating huge growth in 2017. We can’t wait to see this brand evolve now that it’s launched and its strategies are underway.

To learn more visit the website at https://www.pangeanutrition.com/