Origo Launches New Greystone Health Network Campaign for Ohio – “Heal Better Together”

July 11, 2017
Greystone Health Network Campaign

After months of research, working meetings, and creative development, we are thrilled to launch the new integrated marketing strategy for Greystone Health Network (of Ohio). Upon recently expanding their network to Ohio, the Florida-based health network approached our team to help increase their brand recognition and brand perception around their facilities, locations, and services. To do so, we were excited to leverage our extensive experience in the field of healthcare and the Ohio market to help create a new campaign strategy and state-based microsite that utilized the existing brand identity of Greystone Health Network, while generating a new presence within our region with the campaign slogan we created, “Heal Better Together”.

Research & Consultation

Origo kicked off the project with a comprehensive research process. During this phase of the project, we gathered important insights surrounding the brand by conducting the following exercises:

  • Comprehensive brand audit, exploring the competitive landscape of other healthcare organizations within the field of elder care, assisted living, and rehabilitation services.
  • Survey of staff and leadership, as well as external partners and patients, identifying key insights about the perceptions of our brand, as well as the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities of the organization’s communication strategies.
  • Creative exploration to help identify potential visual and messaging directions, identifying key messaging and design strategies to promote their benefits, facilities, and competitive advantages

Campaign Strategy & Development

Next, Origo utilized the insights gained in the research phase to develop a sub-brand strategy for Greystone Health Network for the Ohio region. From the research, it was clear that the new marketing tactics needed to reflect the brand’s main differentiators, including their community-oriented approach when serving populations in need and improving the overall wellness of their patients through their compassionate approach to care.

With this in mind, we developed the campaign concept, “Heal Better Together,” highlighting the team approach Greystone takes to their patients’ treatment, as well as the emphasis they place on understanding their patients’ needs when working together to create a healthier and happier lifestyle. The design of the campaign further emphasized themes of community, compassion, and care through empowering lifestyle shots of seniors connecting with each other, fun icons, and a bright color pallet.

Greystone Health Network Campaign

New Digital Strategy

Origo continued to bring the brand to life by creating a comprehensive digital experience, including a microsite for the state of Ohio, driving drive engagement and awareness to the organization’s different services and locations. Additional digital touchpoints included:

  • social media plan to help the Greystone team promote the new brand to current and potential partners through engaging content, campaigns, graphics, and hashtags
  • Digital media templates to promote the new brand to current and potential partners through engaging content, campaigns, graphics, and hashtags
Greystone Health Network Campaign
Greystone Health Network Campaign

Outreach Strategies

Once developing the creative strategy and microsite for the campaign, Origo worked with Greystone to develop outreach strategies to connect the brand to families and seniors within the Ohio area. We did so through the following tactics:

  • A media plan to help Greystone push out relevant posts, ads, and resources to families and seniors looking for healthcare options for themselves or their loved ones and motivate them to setup an appointment
  • A direct mail campaign strategy to target referral partners and potential patients within the region, including resident referrals, associate referrals, and other professional institutions
  • A 4-8 page brochure, speaking to the mission, background, and overall services/facilities offered throughout Ohio

We are excited to have just launched this new campaign strategy in July of 2017, as we are excited to help create a meaningful impact within the communities that the brand serves, connecting more Ohio seniors and families to the compassionate care that Greystone offers. To learn more visit the website at https://www.greystonehealthohio.com/