The Heinzerling Community Launches New Brand and Web Strategy

October 12, 2017

Origo was excited to be a part of the Heinzerling Community’s official ribbon cutting ceremony today, which unveiled the organization’s new brand strategy and recently constructed two 8-bedroom residential homes.

Heinzerling Community

The new buildings and brand are part of a larger initiative to help improve the quality of life, community, and support for individuals with profound developmental disabilities. As part of this effort, the Heinzerling Community partnered with Origo to generate greater community awareness around the brand, helping to connect more families, donors, prospective staff members, and other external partners to their wide range of services, programs, and levels of disabilities they serve.

Heinzerling Community

Research & Consultation

Origo kicked off the project with a comprehensive research process. To identify key insights to inform the new brand strategy, we conducted the following research efforts:

  • A comprehensive brand audit, exploring the competitive landscape of other organizations that provide residential and recreational options for individuals with special needs.
  • A survey of staff and leadership, as well as external partners and families, identifying key insights about the perceptions of Heinzerling, as well as the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities of the organization’s communication strategies.
  • Creative exploration to help identify potential visual and messaging directions, identifying key messaging and design strategies to promote their programs, locations, and competitive advantages.

During this phase of the project, it was identified that while the organization had great name recognition within the community, many community members did not understand the breadth of services they provided to residents. During this phase, it was also identified that the organization’s previous name, the Heinzerling Foundation, did not effectively communicate the caring and supportive mission of the organization.

Heinzerling Community

Creating A New Brand

Origo utilized the insights from the research phase to develop a brand strategy that would demonstrate the care and support Heinzerling provides to each resident. We started by developing a new name for the organization, “Heinzerling Community,” to better reflect the organization’s holistic approach to care.

Next, we created a more energetic and vibrant look for the brand by developing a modern and abstract logo mark that portrayed an image of a person supporting a home, paying homage to the organization’s ability to provide a caring, home environment for each resident. We also developed the tagline “A Legacy of Caring” as a nod to Heinzerling’s strong heritage.

Heinzerling Community

A New Digital Experience

While developing the brand, we were able to apply the new messaging and design identity to a more comprehensive digital experience, helping to engage and educate visitors about the mission and programs of the Heinzerling Community.  These experiences include:

  • A mobile- and SEO-optimized website that features a colorful design, simplified navigation, and detailed information about Heinzerling’s offerings.
  • Digital templates, including social media posts and digital ads, to promote Heinzerling to families and partners through engaging content, campaigns, and graphics.
    Heinzerling Community

    Collateral Materials

    After developing a new visual brand identity and website for Heinzerling, the next step was to apply it to a collateral system. These items included:

    • Brochures
    • Inserts
    • Corporate Folders
    • Business Cards
    • Envelopes
    Heinzerling Community
    Heinzerling Community

    Launch Strategy

    Once developing the new brand and marketing tools, the final step of the project was to promote its launch. We did so through the following items:

    • An e-blast/newsletter, providing an overview of the rebrand strategy and what it means for the future of the Heinzerling Community.
    • Social media templates and pre-generated posts, creating a cohesive social media presence.
    • PowerPoint templates to support any presentations Heinzerling would conduct.
    • A launch video that gives insight into what services Heinzerling offers and their impact in the community.
    Heinzerling Community

    We are proud to be a part of such an inspiring organization that makes such a difference in the lives of those they serve, and we are looking forward to the continued impact that this organization will have for many years to come.

    Heinzerling Community
    Heinzerling Community

    Heinzerling Community from Origo Branding Company on Vimeo.