Feb 08, 2018

Like the arrival of Alexa and smart TVs, automated fundraising is quickly becoming more and more prevalent. Automated fundraising involves digital tools that lead to quicker giving options for donors, as well as greater conversion rates. This need stems from a business principle that nonprofit professionals understand well, which is the need to expand limited resources to the greatest efficiencies possible. By automating fundraising efforts, nonprofits now can implement tactics, such as online fundraising campaigns and donation microsites that will provide more tech savvy tactics in their development efforts, generating greater revenue that will help them make a stronger impact in the community.

Prior to automation, many fundraising technologies were not a reality to implement for nonprofits, as they were considered too much of an investment towards time, effort, and costs. Fortunately, fundraising automation has become more accessible among community groups, as there are many turnkey solutions offered online, providing an opportunity for nonprofits to add a more advanced digital strategy to their different fundraising efforts, leading to more effective segmentation and targeting in a donor’s user experience, increasing their rate of giving.

That’s why this year, the Jazz Arts Group of Columbus (JAG) is capitalizing on celebrating its 45th anniversary with a 45 For 45 campaign – working to reach their goal of raising $45,000 to help support its mission of advancing and celebrating the art form of jazz through performance and education. JAG tasked Origo to help create a microsite, JAG45.com, specifically for this fundraising endeavor, which would receive and track donations, as well as create incentive systems for users by showing the progress the campaign has made in reaching its goal. Particularly noteworthy is the goal bar, which lets the user know how close JAG is to meeting its goal, also conveying that others are also investing in JAG’s goal, which is a tactic to drive greater excitement around the action of giving.

The new microsite was created with a responsive design, making sure it had an optimal user experience on mobile and tablet devices, which made it easy to promote the initiative at their different concert series. Furthermore, the site lets the user know the many different ways in which they can contribute to JAG, providing different options that will make it easy for the donor to give, no matter which way they prefer to donate.

The campaign also features digital ads and series of environmental billboards throughout the Greater Columbus region, promoting the initiative and directing people to the campaign microsite, making it extremely easy for new donors to become involved, as well as create greater awareness for the organization.

To help contribute to this exceptional arts organization, you can give at JAG45.com, as well as attend one of the exciting events coming up in the coming months, including the “100 Years of Buddy Rich & Dizzy Gillespie“, happening this weekend – February 15th through the 18th. See you then!