ADVOCATE’s New Web Strategy is High-Tech with a Human Touch

March 12, 2019

ADVOCATE radiology billing and reimbursement specialists has been the benchmark leader in radiology billing for over 20 years. With processes and technologies that have elevated them to become the largest radiology-only billing service in the country, it was time for the company to develop a new online strategy to better promote their services and hi-tech solutions, while leveraging their thought leadership and educational tools within the B2B space.

In order to accomplish these goals, ADVOCATE partnered with Origo Branding to modernize their current brand and develop a new web strategy.


To better understand ADVOCATE’S core values and key differentiators as a business, Origo conducted working meetings, surveys, and research exercises with the leadership team of the company. This included an audit of all existing marketing touchpoints, as well as a review of competitors within the market, helping to identify insights, challenges, and opportunities for the brand’s messaging strategies. The new tagline “Radiology Billing Specialists” pinpoints their expertise within the vast billing market, while the updated color palette and logo lock up bring a fresh experience to the brand.


Design and Development

A new site architecture was then designed to highlight ADVOCATE’S focus on radiology revenue cycle management, its specialized services, and commitment to investing in the latest technologies. The site also strives to guide viewers to the thought leadership content throughout the site. This includes educational literature, industry leading webinars, and news resources.


Additionally, the website aimed to put a spotlight on the caring and experienced people at ADVOCATE who work diligently to understand their client’s goals and needs, while making radiology practices more efficient. To better showcase the experts at ADVOCATE, Origo coordinated a photoshoot for the team. This provided the company with a curated image library that was used to further personalize the website for the company.



Recently launched in 2019, the goal of this new initiative was to help grow awareness for their services, success stories, and approach to customer relationships, as well as position ADVOCATE as a leader in radiology billing and client support. Currently, the new approach has been considered a great success and is generating new leads, thought leadership, and engagement from the field.

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