Airable Research Labs – A New Brand Strategy Promoting Scientific Innovations with Soy

November 4, 2019
Airable Research Lab

The Ohio Soybean Council (OSC) was founded in 1991 to manage the Soybean Research and Promotion Program – commonly referred to as the soybean checkoff. Farmers pay a small percentage of the bushel price when they sell soybeans. And that money is invested in research, marketing, and programs that seek to maximize profit opportunities for soybean farmers.

With changes in the industry, the council recognized the need to invest in their own independent soy products lab. The purpose of the new lab is to elevate the soybean industry by identifying new uses for soy through the development of bio-based products and other innovative technologies. To help in this new effort, the Ohio Soybean Council partnered with Origo to create a new brand identity for the lab – including naming, logo and tagline development. The goal was to help clearly communicate the mission, services and value proposition of the soy product lab.


Origo kicked off the project with a comprehensive research process. In order to identify key insights to drive the new brand strategy, we conducted the following research efforts:

  • A comprehensive audit of the previous research and strategic documents, exploring the competitive landscape of other organizations that provide similar services and areas of expertise in the fields of science and manufacturing.
  • A survey of leadership, as well as other key stakeholders of OSC, identifying their knowledge, insights, and goals for the organization’s new brand vision.
  • Creative exploration to help identify potential naming and visual direction strategies to promote awareness around new soy uses that will appeal to commercial and manufacturing industries.

A New Name Inspired By Sustainability

After rounds of internal exploration, the name Airable Research Labs was adopted. This concept stems from the idea of aeration. In the agriculture industry, it means “to expose to the action or effect of air or to cause air to circulate through.” It refreshes the earth for the next harvest and provides sustainable soil for future generations. Like aeration, the Ohio Soybean Council utilizes soy science to aerate industrial and commercial product applications with innovative and sustainable techniques.

Airable Research Lab

Developing the Visual Strategy

The lab brand created reflects a logo mark of the letter ‘A’, which was custom designed to inspire themes of crossing crop lines that speak to soy’s ability to integrate into different industries because of its vast array of uses. The design team mixed the mark with a vibrant color palette that speaks to not only the farming industry, but also to the world of innovation and science. Matched with the tagline, “Where Sustainable Solutions Start”, this new brand strategy was crafted to help position the lab’s dedication to being a leader in the industry.

Airable Research Lab brand guidelines

After establishing the logo lock-up, our team developed a collateral system that tells the complete brand story. This included business cards, envelopes, letterhead, and a branded folder designed with sustainability in mind – by using recycled paper and a logo mark that’s embossed into the cover without using any ink. The new brand identity is also featured on Airable’s new website, that successfully brings the brand concept to life.

Airable Research Lab folder and letterhead
Airable Research Lab business cards and website

As a purpose-driven marketing agency, we take great pride in creating meaningful strategies for organizations that we partner with. We look forward to supporting the continued impact that Airable Research Labs and the Ohio Soybean Council will have in their industry, creating a better future for our communities around the world.