Mar 23, 2020

To help spread their message and encourage more community involvement, the Foundation partnered with Origo Branding. Our goal was to develop a new brand identity for the Lindy Infante Foundation – and then create effective marketing and web strategies to promote the Foundation’s mission and values.

Live Like Lindy
Youth Sports with No Limits

After extensive research and survey exercises, we developed a new visual identity and messaging for the Lindy Infante Foundation.

Within the new messaging system, we clearly communicate why the Foundation’s mission matters – using facts and figures to illustrate how rising costs have led to a large decline in sports participation, creating urgency around the cause. 

The brand imagery more prominently features young athletes that reflect themes of confidence and empowerment –reinforcing the Foundation’s focus on improving the lives of children and teens through the impact of sports.

By creating an updated website, we reflected the new brand strategy and developed a streamlined user experience – making it easier for children in need to access support from the Foundation, as well as help donors to interact and engage with our mission.

The campaign was also applied to additional collateral materials and a marketing kit to help provide consistency and impact across all of the Foundation’s communication efforts.

We also created a social media plan, consisting of pre-generated posts, hashtags, and other tactics designed to connect current and potential partners to the Lindy Infante Foundation.

The Results

The brand was successfully launched at their annual fundraiser, in which Origo helped create the event marketing materials and invites, as well as coordinated social media efforts to promote the keynote speaker – Pittsburg Steeler’s past coach, Bill Cowher, who helped introduce the next chapter of the organization and engage new support from across the community.

At Origo, we’re proud to support partners who make a difference in our community. We look forward to a long relationship with the Lindy Infante Foundation as they help level the playing field in youth sports and give every child a chance to unlock his or her potential.