Sep 14, 2020

As a long-time partner to the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio (SWACO) and an advocate for community causes, Origo was honored to work with SWACO and their community partners to create and launch the Save More Than Food campaign.

Launching today across Central Ohio, the campaign aims to engage consumers, schools, businesses, and the food service industry, providing education and resources to help Central Ohio reach the goal of cutting food waste in half by 2030.

Serving up some food for thought

To successfully launch this campaign, Origo conducted research exercises amongst community stakeholders, including surveys and focus groups amongst school districts, businesses, associations, and the general public, generating insights to help create a full strategy and visual approach that communicates the positive effects reducing food waste can have on our environment, our community, and our wallets. The simple messages and bold imagery of the campaign will be a memorable and recognizable reminder across Central Ohio of the role we all play and the benefits to be gained from taking simple steps to reduce food waste.

Making it easier to make a difference

Origo worked with the SWACO team and their community partners to build a collection of resources and tools that can be utilized by consumers, schools, and businesses to educate themselves, students, employees, and customers. These tools include:

  • An informational brochure
  • Audience-specific flyers for use at home, at school, at work, and in food businesses
  • A complete website——with downloadable and customizable resources
  • A collection of video PSAs
  • Posters and print ads
  • A press release detailing the campaign launch
  • Social media assets and digital ads
  • A customizable PowerPoint presentation

Empowering a network of partners

In addition to these tools, provides links to educational content from partnering organizations and information on how to connect with organizations who share the goal of reducing food waste.

Reaching all of Central Ohio

Through the many tactics Origo has developed, including social media, billboards, print ads, television and radio spots, and the campaign website, the Save More Than Food campaign will remind and encourage each of us to make small changes to help reduce food waste in Central Ohio.

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