Learning to COPE: How to produce and share engaging content efficiently

October 5, 2020
Let's C.O.P.E. animated graphic

When it comes to community campaigns or public awareness efforts, time isn’t always on your side. And resources aren’t always readily available. The Origo team is no stranger to planning, creating, and executing thoughtful, effective communication campaigns addressing critical messages that need to be shared ASAP. One proven method we’ve used to do just that is COPE: Create Once, Place Everywhere. Learn more about this approach to content creation from Beth, Origo’s Media Planner and a COPE proponent:

While COPE is a method, it’s also a mindset. It’s about thinking efficiently to drive content strategy and satisfy an audience’s desire or need for content when time or money may be in short supply. To maximize resources while ensuring message consistency, try to COPE.

The COPE approach encourages the creation of an initial piece of engaging, high-quality content that can be repurposed in various forms on various channels. For example, a community organization may have recently launched a new initiative. To communicate that using the COPE method, they can:

  • Write a blog post announcing and explaining the new initiative
  • Include post content on their website
  • Modify the post for an email
  • Break up the content for social posts
  • Share the post with partners
  • Send a link to reporters

Instead of creating each item separately, the organization can adapt a blog post to fit other channels.

COPE-ing isn’t limited to the repurposing of a single piece of content—repurposing a compelling idea or concept is another way to COPE that can offer more creative latitude. Additionally, keeping an organized content calendar and internal review schedule can help teams make sure content is thoughtfully used and shared throughout the year/month/week.

For more on how to COPE, reach out to Beth at beth@origobranding.com.