Lifeline of Ohio Advances The “Power To Give” Through A New Web Presence

October 18, 2020
Lifeline of Ohio

Lifeline of Ohio promotes and coordinates the donation of human organs and tissue for transplantation, helping to save and heal lives in Ohio and beyond. As an organization vital to so many across the state of Ohio, Lifeline of Ohio recognized the need for an online experience that matched their mission of care and compassion for both organ donor families and organ recipients, as well as the power of life someone can give through the act of becoming an organ donor.

The Power to Give

Lifeline recently teamed up with Origo to create and launch their new website, The new strategy highlights the impact a donor can have on the lives of others. An individual’s involvement with organ donation can be as small as making a decision while renewing their identification, but the power it gives them to provide another individual the chance for life is tremendous. The web experience reflects on what happens after a person makes the decision to become a donor, showing the overwhelming amount of opportunities an individual has to make a positive change in the lives of many. 

When building out the website, our team conducted research and brand exercises with the different levels of the organization, identifying goals to ensure that the site experience provided a place to connect with Lifeline of Ohio, learn more about organ donation, and easily connect with services that donor families and recipients need. This includes information to assist those looking for:

  • How and why to become a donor
  • How to write to a recipient or donor family
  • How to get involved as a volunteer
  • How to spread awareness in your community or school
Lifeline of Ohio website on tablet and mobile devices

Honoring Donor & Celebrating Recipients

In addition to sharing information and resources, the website also provides an online place where visitors can view photos of shadowboxes that highlight individual stories of donors through letters, photos and mementos selected by donor families. Visitors can also read Stories of Hope, which are uplifting stories of both donors and recipients, describing how the services provided by Lifeline of Ohio have changed lives and provided hope for so many individuals.

Lifeline of Ohio Shadowboxes
Collage of Lifeline of Ohio website on tablet and mobile devices

A Home for Dash for Donations

The website also now includes the ability to connect directly with Dash for Donation, which is Lifeline of Ohio’s largest fundraiser, that brings together more than 2,500 participants each year.

Lifeline of Ohio mascot running at Dash for Donation
Lifeline of Ohio website

The Impact of One Website

With the launch of the new website, Lifeline of Ohio is able to share their mission and advance awareness of the programs they offer, as well as highlight the impact they have in creating a meaningful experience for both organ donor families and organ recipients. For more information about Lifeline of Ohio, visit the new website and learn how you can also become an organ donor today. Because we all have the power to give.