Origo Ignites “Creative Spirit” to Bring in the New Year

January 18, 2021
Creative Spirit candle in box with bow

2020 was an important year for all of us, as it marked Origo’s 35th anniversary. To honor and celebrate this landmark, we crafted a holiday campaign filled with hope and promise to inspire our partners to head into 2021 with a renewed sense of purpose.

Sparking new ideas

When we started brainstorming ideas, words like “flame,” “light,” “illuminate,” and “bright” kept coming to mind. After many working sessions, one idea stood out from the rest: “Creative Spirit.”

There’s no denying that creativity lives in all of us. Our goal was to encourage our partners to kindle that spirit and remind them that there’s nothing you can’t do when you think outside of the box. We also aimed to showcase themes of hope and change for 2021 – especially after so many experienced new and unprecedented challenges over the past 12 months.

To tell this story visually, we envisioned a geometric design that reflects flickering candlelight. The luminous shades of red, orange, and yellow are reminiscent of the coziness of this time of year, and the warm glow candles give off while they burn.

Creative Spirit candle

A token of inspiration

For this campaign, it was imperative to create a sensory experience for our partners, which is why we gifted them this handcrafted candle. Poured with the earthy scents of driftwood and sea salt, this candle brings a breath of freshness to any atmosphere and calms the air. 

Every time someone brings a flame to this candle, we hope it inspires them to spread light and warmth and share their creativity with the world around them – because every idea matters.

These candles were even more special to the Origo team because they were crafted by Mary Cooksey, who is married to our motion designer, Evan. Mary is the founder and owner of Everybody Collective, a Columbus-based candle company, who thoughtfully hand-poured each individual gift.

Creative Spirit candle with note

Every candle was delivered with a card to recognize Origo’s 35th year of burning bright. We’re grateful to have so many amazing partners, and we wouldn’t be where we are today without everyone who’s believed in us along the way.

Creative Spirit candle, box and note

Wrapping up our campaign

Finally, to tie the campaign up, our team created this video to inspire people to come together like never before. The contrast between the delicate typography and angular lines draws attention to the messaging on screen, and the warm colors and soft music bring forth a sense of cozy ambiance.

2020 was a challenging year for everyone. We’re excited to see what the new year brings, and we wish that this campaign sparks new ideas within yourself and ignites a sense of optimism and change for the next year.

In everything you do in 2021, we hope your creative spirit burns brighter and stronger than ever before.

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