Humane Society of Greater Dayton Launches New Website To Add Some Extra Heart To Homes

January 8, 2021
Humane Society of Greater Dayton website on desktop and tablet devices

Origo recently partnered with the Humane Society of Greater Dayton (HSGD) to revamp their new online experience and website, HSGD has been a part of the Dayton community since 1902. They’re dedicated to enhancing the relationships between animals and humans, investigating animal cruelty, enforcing laws to protect animals, and ensuring all animals are valued and free from suffering.

For their new website, HSGD wanted to create a more emotional and storytelling experience for their different audiences, as it was important to enhance connections between adopters and potential pets – even before they met in person. Furthermore, the organization wanted to tell a greater story to generate awareness around the different programs and services they manage. These programs advance the protection and welfare of animals in their community, which positions them as a group that does much more than just pet adoption.

Telling a story

To create an online experience that truly showcases the amazing impact that HSGD generates for their community, Origo needed to make it easier for users to navigate their website. After completing a website audit, conducting surveys, and coordinating brand exercises with HSGD stakeholders, our user experience team implemented the following recommendations:

  • Created a new site architecture that enhanced navigation and created a more streamlined user experience 
  • Reorganized and defined programs, services, and success stories to show the entirety of the organization’s impact and mission
  • Updated imagery and messaging to create a more dynamic and storytelling experience
  • Elevated dedicated sections of the most used services and areas of support for HSGD, allowing users to better engage with these programs
Humane Society of Greater Dayton website on mobile and tablet devices

Building a new experience

With the findings from the discovery phase, Origo presented HSGD with three concepts for their new site strategy, each showing how they can add more emotion to their messaging and generate greater awareness of the different services and programs they offer. Upon review, we moved forward with the direction of Heart Builds Home, as it highlighted the impact a new pet can have on a household and the family within it. Every animal has the potential to add a little extra heart to a home – and HSGD works hard to change the lives of their community, one rescue at a time.

With this concept at-hand and our recommendations kept in mind, our team got to work creating their new website. HSGD wanted their website to look clean and modern, as well as feel open and inviting. Our design achieves this by featuring their primary brand colors and incorporating a soft light green and deep royal blue, combined with secondary colors of light grays and yellows to add dimension and interest. To create a consistent user experience, we used bright green buttons to act as clear, interactive navigation points.

To further create an emotional storytelling experience, the imagery features owners smiling with their pets to show the positive impact animals make on new pet owners’ lives.

Collage of Humane Society of Greater Dayton website screens on tablets

Showcasing the community impact

With the launch of HSGD’s new website, they are better able to showcase the many programs and success stories that allow them to lead the efforts in protecting the welfare of animals in their region. While HGSD’s main focus is to change the lives of animals and humans, the site positions the organization as more than an adoption center. HGSD is dedicated to finding potential pets great homes, promoting veterinary services, and reporting and fighting animal cruelty.

We are proud to have partnered with HSGD, an organization with a long-standing history and passion for its mission to create a difference for their region. We are excited for this new website experience to help the Humane Society of Greater Dayton develop better connections with members across their community, helping animals find their forever families and add a little extra heart to their new homes.

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