The FAO Cause Connector: A New Online Giving Platform For Appalachian Ohio

February 10, 2021
FAO Cause Connector website on desktop, tablet and mobile devices

Origo Branding has been fortunate to have partners that work to make a difference in regions across the US, but one area of our nation that we hold close to our hearts is Appalachian Ohio. With that being said, we are happy to have the opportunity to have partnered with the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio (FAO) for almost a decade. We’ve collaborated on brand, marketing, and awareness campaigns aimed to build impact and support the philanthropic efforts of the 32 counties that make up the region.

For over 20 years, FAO has been leading the way in serving the area by actively working to create new opportunities that will help make a positive difference for future generations throughout Appalachian Ohio. As the organization has evolved, and with new projects in need of support, FAO asked Origo Branding to help expand their online presence through a new branded giving platform, the Cause Connector ( The new website allows users to discover, connect, and give to programs, funds, scholarships, and grants directly connected to their county or a topic that they find critical to the prosperity of the region.

FAO Cause Connector

Creating Awareness. Creating A Connection.

While this new platform was built to create a user experience that elevates the spirit of philanthropy, the main purpose was to provide a search tool for people to connect with projects they care about. Below is a simple description of the features that make up the new site experience:

  1.  A new online giving platform focused specifically on projects in Appalachian Ohio. 
  2. A colorful and easy interface that allows donors to search for projects to support by narrowing in on particular counties or areas of interest, specifically focused on FAO’s five Pillars of Prosperity: Arts & CultureCommunity & Economic DevelopmentEducationEnvironmental Stewardship, and Health & Human Services.
  3. A unique giving platform that recognizes Appalachian Ohio’s philanthropy gap, offering a system that is built for half of every donation to go to a chosen project happening now, as well as the other half of the gift to go to FAO’s I’m a Child of Appalachia® Fund endowment to support future opportunities.
  4. A crowdfunding platform at its heart and will feature the first round of projects from February 10 – April 9, which is the window for these projects to get funded.
FAO Cause Connector icon artwork

A Reason To Give

When users experience the new online platform, the new site works to showcase all of the ways that FAO helps support the community, while creating a system that guides donors and supporters to projects they can engage with. The design of the site not only provides accessibility to ongoing projects, but does so in a way that creates an emotional connection with all users.

FAO Cause Connector website on tablet
The Cause Connector was built to effectively organize the site and each of its projects, while communicating the impact of each donation. To accomplish this, the following features were implemented:
  • A soft and organic design that helps create a relaxing and meaningful web experience.
  • Icons and graphics that help explain FAOs mission and how funds get supported.
  • A search and filter system that easily locates and displays important initiatives throughout the region.
  • A seamless donation process that tracks goals and funding for each project.
FAO Cause Connector graphic artwork

A Platform To Power Philanthropy

While Appalachian Ohio currently faces many challenges and barriers, the area’s future looks bright. With the launch of the FAO Cause Connector, we are igniting a rallying cry that people can get behind and that encourages them to make a sustainable difference. With every gift offered, donors are helping to meet Southeast Ohio’s greatest needs and unleash the incredible potential within its communities.

FAO Cause Connector website on tablet

We are honored to have played a small role in helping to create change within the region, and look forward to seeing the impact of the new website experience for years to come. To give to this effort, be sure to visit and find a cause that is closest to your heart.

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